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It’s just another takeout box until it’s custom!


When it comes to the food and takeout industries, a lot of money is spent. A lot.  Over $500 billion actually.


When we started taking an in-depth look at this industry, we noticed a common theme: generic packaging. And what’s worse? Generic packaging that cannot be recycled/composted/biodegraded.


We aim to decrease the amount of single-use plastics and styrofoam products int he food industry and encourage our clients to use more earth-friendly products.


We are proud to share our takeout containers catalogue, where we offer multiple options for a happy, healthy brand. Choose from our:

  • classic takeout containers
  • lunch boxes
  • lotus boxes
  • food trays (with lid)
  • carrier boxes
  • burger boxes

We also offer paper bags, reusable bags, and cooler bags to help transport your goods to their final destination! When it comes to takeout, don’t compromise on the packaging – make sure your brand is recognisable!