Rigid boxes (AKA set-up boxes) are definitely a high-end option in terms of packaging. Although they are relatively common, luxury brands see rigid boxes as a popular packaging choice. They are considerably thicker than a folding carton and even corrugated boxes.


Most surprisingly, you do not print directly onto a rigid box. Instead, the box comprises of greybeard and separate sheets of paper. These sheets will have the design on them and there is even a variety of paper to choose from to represent the luxury level of your brand. It’s actually because of their unique process, that rigid boxes are a bit more expensive than the average box.


Some common examples of rigid boxes include:

  • phone boxes (e.g. the iconic white iPhone box)
  • board game packaging
  • makeup packaging


When it comes to the different types of rigid boxes, there are two simple categories: base & lid, and hinge lids. Now, there are many other options within those categories, so make sure to contact our custom packaging specialists for more information!


The rigid box can be a gift on its own and they are the perfect high-end and luxury complement to your product. Our boxes are a creative way to make a statement without having to say anything.


You can also add additional features and finishings to ensure that your packaging is the first thing your customers see, such as:

  • matte and glossy lamination
  • embossing
  • magnetic closures
  • collapsible features (perfect for shipping as well!)