We don’t know about you, but sushi is a favourite of LeKAC! Whether it’s dining in or taking out, we are constantly craving sushi. So it’s no surprise that we have seen our fair share of sushi packaging that is being offered on the market currently – especially with the rise in takeout since March 2020.


At the moment, there’s an excess amount of plastic and styrofoam being used in the sushi industry – and that has to change! We understand the massive quantities that restaurants need (we do supply a few) so we’ve come up with eco-friendly options that are sure to wow your customers while also doing their part in the environment!


Our sushi catalogue boasts products that look good, reduce plastic and show off your brand! Choose from:

  • folding cartons
  • takeout containers
  • reusable bags
  • paper bags
  • rigid boxes
  • utensil sets
  • wooden containers


We also have a selection of common accessories – but if you don’t see it in our catalogue, ask us about our sourcing capabilities!


When it comes to takeout, we’re the professionals – leave the packaging to us! Our luxury packaging options are hard to beat, so call us today to book your free consultation and let the good times roll!


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for sushi takeout products.