It’s just a box until it’s custom Packaging is more than just cardboard and plastic.
It's your customer's first experience and impression of your brand. Wow your customers before they even open the box.
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Stand out from the crowd LeKAC's focus is to make it easy to have branded packaging that will make an impact and set you apart from your competitors. SHOW ME HOW Custom doesn’t mean complicated With our highly dedicated product development and sourcing teams, we aim to create a simple and perfectly seamless process for creating your custom packaging. REQUEST A QUOTE  


LeKAC’s focus is to make it easy to have branded or custom packaging that will make an impact and stand out from the crowd.
Whether you need custom packaging, gift boxes, mailing boxes or reusable bags, finding a solution that is tailored to your specific needs is our mission. Our dedicated product development and sourcing teams will provide you with full support and a streamlined process for a quick and effortless turnaround.

show us your custom concept and we'll bring it to life

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Our custom packaging specialists will work with you closely to visualise your packaging concept

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Send us your artwork and our in-house graphic designers will ensure it is factory-ready and OK it for production

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We’re here to help and it’s as simple as that. If you need feedback, we’re the team for your brand

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Give your product an upgrade with our highly versatile and multifunctional custom boxes. Enhance the impact of your packaging with a custom design.



Go from ordinary to extraordinary with a customized bag for your business. With a beautiful design, your customers are sure to reuse it.

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