Fashion & Clothing Industry

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Everyone has a need for clothing. It’s a basic human necessity.


The global fashion industry was valued to be in the trillions ($1.7 trillion to be exact) in 2022. For all the data geeks, the fashion industry actually accounts for 2% of the global GDP (Gross Domestic Product). As a company in the clothing/fashion game, the market may seem oversaturated and you may be finding it difficult to stand out.


While there are tight margins to manage in this industry, custom packaging can be a cost-effective and beneficial way to differentiate your business in the stores and online. Fashion is everywhere and what makes products stand out from one another is the uniqueness of the product – custom packaging can help with that. Whether it’s about functionality, beauty or eco-friendliness, the LeKAC Pack’s got your back.


Luckily, we at LeKAC are all over-consumers of fashion, so we have a ton of firsthand experience with fashion packaging – what could be improved, what is unique, what contributes to the customer experience. In this catalogue, we’ve included products we think will represent your brand well through designs and structures:

  • drawer boxes (folding carton & rigid boxes)
  • paper sleeves
  • base and lid boxes (folding carton & rigid boxes)
  • reusable bags
  • hang tags
  • folding carton window envelopes

… and more!


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for clothing and other fashion goods.