Fresh flower packaging has a lot of creative potential and why shouldn’t it? At LeKAC Sourcing Limited, we’re always looking to turn industries on their heads and bring new packaging ideas to the market.So, after countless hours of research, our team has come up with eco-friendly and innovative packaging products perfect for carrying and presenting bouquets of flowers.


Your customers will love the stylish and sleek look of these products when picking up their bouquets! We have created a combination of corrugated and paperboard products to ensure your packaging is recyclable after use. In fact, the LeKAC team has identified 4 main categories of fresh flower packaging:

  1. Carriers – these products safely transport your flowers from storefront to their final destination. In this section, we have included cones, paper bags and reusable bags for the utmost ease of transportation
  2. Vases – the paper vase is a great alternative to the usual glass – recyclable and offered in 2 different styles!
  3. Baskets – these products are display-ready so your customers won’t even have to transfer their flowers to another container. Our baskets are a convenient way to liven up any living space and make the perfect gift!
  4. Boxes – we have 2 different types of boxes on offer for the flower industry – folding cartons and rigid boxes. Maximise the element of surprise and luxury with this packaging option, perfect for the everlasting/preserved roses trend.


In this specific industry, packaging is a huge component. Since products are similar across these types of businesses, custom packaging is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition. By adding branding to out-of-the-box packaging products you will create a unique look that your customers will remember. In case you need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!