banner showing seasonal packaging

Seasonal packaging is something that should be considered months in advance. We’re talking 5-6 months in advance to allow for various obstacles.

When it comes to the holidays, packaging is a way to stay connected with your clientele. Not only does it allow for instant brand recognition, it will put your customer in a great mood that they will associate with your brand! Check out this article for more on how you can use custom seasonal packaging to wow your clients.

At LeKAC, we like to consider all possibilities – and boy, are there a lot when it comes to seasonal packaging! Looking at past and current clients, we put together a list of the most popular packaging components used around the holidays:

  • folding cartons
  • rigid boxes
  • advent calendars
  • mailer & shipping boxes
  • paper bags
  • reusable bags

… and of course, accessories!

Whether you want a minimalistic festive design, or something to really stand out and celebrate the holidays, our in-house design team will be able to create anything your heart desires! When it comes to custom packaging, we’re the experts – leave the packaging to us!


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for seasonal packaging products.