Seafood + meat seems very vague, doesn’t it? Well, there are definitely a lot of butcher stores and seafood markets in every town but what is each store missing?


The answer is easy: brand opportunities. Although these businesses are successful, there isn’t much done in the way of differentiating themselves from competitors. Therefore, they are not reaching a potential wider market of customers.


Enter LeKAC Sourcing Limited. We created a catalogue specifically for packaging products for the seafood and meat industries. We have everything from Kraft paper bags to the practical cooler bags, and even created a new item – butcher paper.


Customise your packaging with your logo and unique design so that you stand out colourfully in a sea of otherwise dreary fish 😉 (sorry, couldn’t pass up the opportunity).


Ensure that your products are safely transported to its final destination while keeping their integrity intact. Due to their perishable nature, seafood + meat products need to maintain a minimum temperature in order to be safe to consume, which is why our cooler bags are so useful! Go the extra step to solidify your customer’s positive experience with your company!

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