In need of a graphic designer but don’t have the budget to hire one in-house? Afraid that no one will understand what you’re trying to communicate?

We get it. It’s scary.

Your vision is important and we know that as a small business.

LeKAC’s creative team can deliver graphics with a quick turnaround exactly to your specifications

What We Can Do For You

At LeKAC, we’ll ensure your vision is brought to life accurately.

We want your brand to succeed as much as you do – trust us.

Whether you need 2D or 3D mockups, website illustrations, or social media content, we have you covered.

2D Services


Good for:

✔ logo production

✔ packaging dielines

✔ product dielines

✔ banners

✔ illustrations

✔ social media posts

3D Services


Good for:

✔ packaging products

✔ brand visualisation

✔ website elements

✔ social media posts

✔ consumer goods

✔ catalogues

2D Services

3D Services