Customisable, eco-friendly packaging is the future of the fruit picking industry and you should be at the forefront!


We looked at the current position of the industry and noticed that something was missing – sustainability. Apple-picking, and fruit picking in general, is a cherished pastime for Canadians. As such, there is a lot of packaging to consider – bags for apple-picking, baskets and quarts for smaller fruits (strawberries, cherries, etc.).


We want to help decrease the amount of single-use plastics in this business. LeKAC members were dedicated to finding the most durable and cost-effective options to keep produce safe and easily transportable, so we went through out existing packaging line.


We’re proud to introduce our fruit-picking catalogue, full of items such as reusable bags, Kraft bags, and produce boxes.


Most importantly, we developed a new product that is 100% recyclable to fit in with this industry. Our fruit baskets are made of corrugated paper that are easy to assemble and full customisable. We have a few standard sizes available for purchase in various printing options, but you can customise the sizes to meet your specific needs.


One of our first clients in this industry, Watson Farms, helped us to create the reusable bag with transparent sides so that clients can see their produce before purchasing. We appreciate them so much that we’ve even done a blog post about them!