Chocolate Industry

According to TechNavio, the chocolate packaging market is expected to increase by over USD$3 billion between 2020 and 2025. It’s no secret that chocolate has maintained its high-end allure. At multiple points in history, you can find chocolate as a luxury good, only being eaten by the elite. Our goal with packaging is to maintain that expensive feeling while providing cost-effective options.


It’s a common misconception that custom packaging has to be expensive. Our team has worked (and is continuing to work!) tirelessly to develop a line of custom products suitable for the chocolate industry. Through market research and consultations with our existing chocolate/confection clients, we were able to determine the most popular, yet still cost-effective packaging options:

  • drawer boxes (folding carton & rigid boxes)
  • base and lid boxes (folding carton & rigid boxes)
  • top tuck truffle boxes
  • packaging for individual chocolate bars
  • advent calendars
  • pouches and bags

… and more!


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