Bakery & Cafe Industry

Did you know that the bakery and cafe industry is responsible for over $4 billion of revenue in Canada? It’s an industry with a fast turnover rate and a lot of competition – so how do you make an impact in such a large industry?


One surefire way to get noticed is with custom packaging, of course. Generic packaging can only get you so far, and if you want to ensure you leave an impression on your clients, you’ll want to go a step further.


After consulting our clients in the industry and conducting independent research, our team was able to create a catalogue full of eco-friendly products that are perfect for bakeries and cafes! These products include:

  • bakery boxes
  • bread bags
  • pastry boxes
  • cake boxes
  • paper bags
  • cups
  • macaron boxes
  • cookie tins

… and more! Seriously, we had a tough time narrowing down the number of products that we thought were suitable! If you don’t see a product that you think belongs here, or you’re interested in developing, then let us know!


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for bakeries and cafes.