Looking for the best custom branded bags in the market right now? Look no further!

LeKAC Sourcing Limited originally started with the reusable bag. Consequently, we have dedicated years towards to the development of perfect packaging.

Whether you need a kraft paper surface, PP non-woven material, or a unique alternative, we can help.


We have the pleasure of helping over 1,000 clients across North America achieve the perfect custom bags for their business. Take a look at some of our past designs for clients (like Dana Shortt)and get inspiration for your future packaging.

Our paper bags are made from Kraft paper and cardboard in multiple colours. Add full colour print to express your company’s mission and passion. These are an amazing cost-effective option that customers love!

Made from PP non-woven material, our reusable bags can withstand an extraordinary number of uses before exhibiting any wear and tear. Do your part for the environment by offering these bags to your customers.

The most cost-effective option with varying thickness levels to help support your cause. Our plastic bags have the ability to be reused multiple times by future users. Showcase your brand on these bags and enjoy full custom capabilities.

If you’re looking for a bag that stands out from the crowd, then be sure to check out this section. We have a selection of alternative materials to help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and add a luxurious quality to your packaging.