e-commerce banner for industry page with slogan and two Kraft shipping boxes

With accelerated growth in e-commerce businesses, it only makes sense that the demand for packaging would increase as well! Postal services are working overtime trying to get packages delivered and the last thing you want is for your package to be unrecognisable!


While many businesses are taking advantage of minor custom packaging (stickers, tape etc), there comes a point where that won’t do the trick. Having a completely custom package delivered to your client does wonders for customer loyalty! Don’t believe us? Think of the last completely custom package you received. How did it make you feel?


Custom stickers and branded tape are a great start, especially if you already have a lot of generic packaging components. But are you looking to stand out among your other competitors? Do you want to really WOW your customers and make them feel appreciated?


After doing extensive research, our team put together this e-commerce catalogue with both businesses and end consumers in mind. Some of our most popular e-commerce items include:

  • mailer boxes
  • shipping boxes
  • mailer bags (3 materials!)
  • branded tape
  • stickers
  • thank you cards


Do you have a product in mind that you don’t see? No problem! Shoot us a message and let us help you out!


When it comes to custom packaging, we’re the experts – leave the packaging to us! Our luxury packaging items are hard to beat, so book your appointment with one of our specialists today to create the ultimate unboxing experience.


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for e-commerce products.