Do you want your products to stand out above the rest? Does your product have a specific purpose, and standard packaging just can’t maximise functionality? Specialty materials or functionalities are key in differentiating yourself from competitors.


We are always happy to use alternative materials to create specialty items. Make your product stand out more with packaging to back up its luxurious qualities. Why constrict your packaging to standard designs when you can be truly unique?


We have alternative materials that are more eco-friendly and durable, maximising exposure. At LeKAC Sourcing is proud to offer items that help minimise the presence of single-use plastics, so work with our custom packaging specialists to create backpacks, pouches, and more!


We can make any packaging in materials of varying weights to deliver the message your company wants. Our lighter materials include cotton, hemp, and bamboo. In terms of heavier materials, we have high density polyester, canvas and Kraft woven.


LeKAC creates packaging to suit your unique products. We can create custom dividers to keep fragile products from colliding, or maybe help enhance your product’s use by keeping it at a specific temperature. No challenge is too big for LeKAC!


If you’re looking for a bag that packs a punch, check out our clients Hutch and Howl! We hear their cooler bags are a big hit.