About Us

In 2006, LeKAC Sourcing Limited commenced and we’ve been providing custom packaging solutions ever since.

It all started when two enthusiastic university students were presented with an environmental project. What product can be created that would leave a positive impact?

After countless hours of research, we decided on the reusable bag. This product wasn’t popular in the industry yet and was still a cost-effective option.

We wanted to offer retail stores an alternative to the single-use plastics that were dominating the industry at the time.

We quickly created a close relationship with a Chinese factory, and developed our first bag sample; a basic black non-woven bag promoting the “3 Rs”, and started showing it to potential clients.
Our passion and dedication to the cause helped us secure our first few clients. They knew nothing about our company or products at the time but with their support we started getting more and more references.

We needed to up our infrastructure, and decided to open our Montreal office in 2007.

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As we started to grow, we noticed that our customers had more custom packaging needs aside from reusable bags.

After speaking with our clients, we realised that there were no viable custom packaging solutions in North America. They wanted to develop custom packaging that was unique in material, size, or design.

Therefore, they were forced to directly contact factories overseas, which was not ideal.

Although in more recent years, business has improved between parties, there are still major obstacles. Variables like time difference, language barriers and cultural differences are still prevalent in the industry but, most importantly, the biggest issue was the high minimum quantity requirement.

Enter LeKAC Sourcing.

We realised the demand for custom packaging solutions and product packaging ideas was at an all time high. After a lot of product research, we decided to add custom luxury boxes to our product list.

We have since partnered with a Chinese factory to produce custom packaging for our North American clients.

Furthermore, in 2010 we opened our first sourcing office in China to complete our packaging portfolio.

In recent years, the demand for custom packaging has skyrocketed and companies needed gourmet food packaging and custom luxury boxes.

We decided to open our Toronto office in 2018 because a lot of those companies were located in Ontario.




Each industry has their own custom packaging needs and our product development team will constantly develop unique but functional packaging ideas to serve everyone.

Our mission is to provide custom packaging solutions to our clients in the simplest process, which allows them to spend more time on their core business activity.

LeKAC’s seasoned product consultants in Canada provide individual customised services in product development while our product coordinator will take care of the communication between the clients and the production team.

Once approved, our sourcing office will locate all the right parts, ensure quality, and arrange logistical aspects.

Over the years, new individuals with the same passion and focus have joined our team and today we serve customers in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and a ton of other cities across Canada!

With our complete custom packaging solution services, all you have to do is share your vision and ideas with us. Don’t worry, we’ll handle the rest!

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