Creating the perfect packaging for your wine can be difficult… but it doesn’t have to be!


Over recent years, the wine industry has boomed with creative packaging designs – and why should you be left out?


Wine has accounted for roughly $30 billion revenue per year, and that’s not even accounting for the spike in alcohol purchases due to COVID19.


At LeKAC, we have always been impressed by the innovative packaging that comes with wine brands, and our aim is to increase that innovation to something unseen by the market! Our custom packaging specialists are dedicated to raising the amount of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options.


We are excited to share our latest catalogue venture with you! We offer multiple options for luxurious, creative and high-end wine companies. Our products include:

various paper bags

folding cartons


box dispensers

rigid boxes

wooden boxes

…and more!


When it comes to packaging, we want you to stand out in a saturated market. Consider us your partners in wine 😉


Click here to view our detailed catalogue for wine & beer products.