Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol consumption has spiked! Reasons being a lack of a regular schedule, increased stress, and just boredom in general. According to the CCSA, more than 9 in 10 Canadians are currently staying at home due to the pandemic.

But before that, wine consumption was on the rise anyway, with an expected global revenue of $32.9 billion by 2022!

So, it only makes sense that we take a look at how you can increase brand awareness through your wine packaging!

When you think of wine packaging, what comes to mind? For us, we would describe it as high end, luxurious, beautiful and classic, but there’s so much more to consider!

Does the Wine Industry Need New Packaging?

In terms of current packaging, the wine industry is very monotonous. So, to answer our own question – yes, this industry needs new packaging and would benefit enormously!

In North America, packaging options are quite limited as most wine is presented in just their bottles. Sometimes, you’ll find the bottle encased in a simple, elegant folding carton, or a corrugated box.

Despite showcasing beautiful wine labels, the overall branding is lacklustre for an industry with such unique products from type, to finish, to flavour notes.

Nonetheless, there’s always this argument to be made: if it ain’t’ broke, don’t fix it.

Yet, something that many people aren’t addressing is that North American wine packaging is not effectively meeting the needs of consumers.

While the current bottles, labels and boxes are attractive, they do not offer convenience to the population. Furthermore, they don’t exude luxury, which is often a characteristic that wineries are looking to associate with.

So what can we offer to address these issues and help you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Let’s find out!

The Art of Packaging Wine

After extensive research into existing wine packaging in the western world, we finally narrowed down our offerings to 10 products ideal for wine and other alcoholic beverages. Not to mention the different add-ons, accessories and finishings available as well!

Not sure which product you need, or don’t know where to start? Our custom packaging specialists are just a phone call or email away! Contact us today for a free consultation and quote on multiple products!

Paper Bags

We have to start with our paper bag selection as we have 3 main variations to choose from! Paper bags scream versatility and convenience – but are also a fantastic eco-friendly branding option!

80g Paper Bottle Bag
Kraft Paper Bag
Glossy Laminated Paper Bag

Choose from our 80g Kraft paper bag sleeve, 120g Kraft paper bag with a twisted paper handle, or our 210g cardboard laminated paper bag! The cardboard laminated paper bag offers a sleek finish and comes with multiple handle options!

Paper bags are cost-effective, elegant and durable! Choose between white and brown Kraft for a more natural finish, or a full-colour design to really make your wine packaging pop!

Non-Woven PP Wine Bags

Next, you can choose to opt for our non-woven PP bags.

What makes our non-woven bags different than the rest? Two words: collapsible dividers.

Our wine bags are heavy weight, come in a variety of colours, and can be divided in whatever quantity you desire!

Best of all? These bags can be used over and over again, increasing your brand’s exposure in the long run!

Reusable Wine Bag
Wine Bag - 6 Bottle Divider

Special Material Bags

If you’re looking for a ready-to-gift option for your clientele, we suggest using one of our special material bags to really stand out.

Choose from jute/burlap, cotton, canvas or Kraft-woven options to really wow your customers!

Reusable Jute Wine Bag

Our cotton, burlap and canvas bags are all made from natural materials so you can be assured that they are an eco-friendly alternative.

However, if you’re looking for something water-resistant, but still want to maintain a natural look, we suggest opting for our Kraft-woven bag!

Rigid Boxes & Tubes

Options are unlimited when it comes to our rigid enclosures. Made from a thick grey-board for extra protection, our rigid boxes and tubes can be printed all over for a completely unique look!

Step up your game even further with EVA foam inserts, velvet accessories and inside print!

Our rigid boxes are also collapsible (meaning shipping and storage savings!) and add glamour to your wine products. Choose between a base and lid structure or a one-piece with a side magnetic closure.

Rigid Box w/ Inside Print
Rigid Wine Tube
Rigid Wine Box

Our rigid tubes encase a singular bottle with a base and lid structure, which will make your clients feel extra special! Add embossing or gold/silver foil to really drive the point home that you care.


Our carriers come with sleek handles and various size options. Fit 1, 2 or 3 bottles with a folding carton or corrugated material base! Perfect for your customers on-the-go, these carriers show a glimpse of the wine bottle inside – you can even add wine glasses or other branded products!

Whether you need something for show or for safety, our carriers are guaranteed showstoppers! These products are perfect for dinner parties, birthday gifts, or even just a cottage weekend.

Corrugated Boxes

Keep multiple wine bottles from shattering with these convenient corrugated boxes! They feature a handle on each side and removable corrugated dividers to avoid contact during transport.

These boxes are made from a recycled material, and can feature a one logo or full colour print. This is a perfect way to keep your brand in your customer’s mind without being too invasive!

Beer Holders

Our beer holders, more commonly known as 6-packs, are easy-to-carry and sturdy too!

We didn’t want to just provide options for wine, but rather show how custom packaging can extend to all categories associated with this industry. With that being said, these holders aren’t limited to just beer.

Our holders are ideal for beer bottles/cans, ciders and even canned wine! If your bottles or cans are a unique size, we can create holders to fit your exact dimensions, ensuring a snug fit.

Folding Cartons

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, folding cartons are a popular option in today’s wine industry. In fact, folding cartons in general, are the most popular packaging box to date!

Our folding cartons are made of a thin, but sturdy paperboard, which is a thick paper-based material. These cartons feature an auto-lock bottom closure and tuck end top, creating extra security for your precious cargo. They are easy to assemble and will be memorable for your customers!

Folding Carton Wine Boxes

See our full catalogue below to see which accessories and add-ons are perfectly suited to these boxes!

Wine Dispensers

Brand new to LeKAC, we developed these dispensers specifically for the wine industry. Our dispensers are made from a corrugated material and feature an inner bag and tap that is secured within the box.

Go for a brown or white Kraft box, and even add a matte or glossy finish to it! It’s perfect for sharing!

Wine Dispenser w/ Silver Foil

Wooden Boxes

Our wooden boxes feature a sliding closure and wooden dividers to protect your bottles. They’re the ultimate product for luxurious gifting and will definitely impress your customers! They’re ready-to-gift as they don’t require any gift wrap.

Moreover, LeKAC’s wooden boxes include a debossed design and logo at a reasonable price as well!

Overall, these boxes are a long-lasting piece that will have your customers talking for a long time!

High-End Wooden Wine Box
Wood wine boxes can be customized to have dividers

What Else Can LeKAC Offer?

We’re glad you asked! Now that we’ve got the basic products down, let’s talk add-ons, accessories and finishings (glossy, matte, fancy paper)!

Small details count, and we want to help you achieve as luxurious a look as possible. Foil printing, embossing and debossing are definitely ways to do that!

In addition, you could consider inserts (choose from paper, foam, or velvet) and PET windows which’ll give your customers a glimpse inside the packaging!

LeKAC also offers a wide range of accessories, such as:

  • stickers/labels
  • thank you cards
  • ribbons
  • bottleneck hang tags
  • tissue paper
  • wine corks

How to Order

At LeKAC, we pride ourselves on making your experience as simple and stress-free as possible! We have examined the wine industry and came up with the most common dimensions for various products.

However, we know that custom is always best and are happy to adjust dimensions to suit your specific needs!

Take a look at our wine catalogue, and give us a call to discuss your options. We’ll walk you through our entire process from start to finish and address:

  • dimensions, printing options, material choices
  • designing
  • payment
  • mass production
  • shipment and delivery of goods

It’s as simple as that!

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