Kraft Paper Bags: Everything You Need to Know

Kraft paper bags have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1800s. Yes, they really have been around for that long. Nowadays, these bags are more durable than ever and businesses are using them for promotional purposes, day-to-day sales, and other branding purposes.

There are many different compositions of paper bags, along with various advantages to using them over other packaging materials. You can choose from multiple materials to make your bag, and add many different finishings to make it stand out.

How Are Kraft Paper Bags Made?

Standard brown paper bags are made of Kraft paper, which is a paper material made of wood pulp produced during the Kraft process. Brown Kraft paper is not bleached, which means it is a triple threat – biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! No wonder they’re such a great alternative to plastic.

This process converts wood into wood pulp by treating wood chips with a special mixture to break down bonds originally found in the wood. Once the process has finished, the pulp is pressed into paper using a paper-making machine, which resembles a printer. Instead of printing with ink, it rolls out blank sheets of paper in long thin slices.

The sheets are then cut to specific dimensions as indicated by the factory and printed on using a specific method (most likely using offset lithography). Finally, the pieces are glued together and the chosen handle is attached… but more on that in a moment ;).

The term was named after the German word ‘Kraft’, meaning ‘strength’, which should give a great indication of the paper bag’s durability and sturdiness. Pulp produced through this process is much stronger than those created through other pulping process, which is why it is the most dominant method used to produce paper today.

Advantages of Using Kraft Paper Bags & Why You Should Use Them

Their rise in popularity have also brought a multitude of positive aspects to using this packaging product.

Here are some of our top reasons why you should use paper bags:

  • environmentally friendly; by now, everyone knows about the negative impact that single-use plastic has on our planet. In fact, the Canadian government is implementing a ban very soon. Canada is about to join a lot of countries (Italy, China, Bangladesh and many countries within Africa to name a few) in reducing plastic waste by banning single-use plastics such as bags, straws, bottles and containers. Get ahead of it by switching to Kraft paper bags now and help do your part.
  • cost-effective; paper bags are one of the lowest-cost packaging products available today. We may have misspoke earlier when we said they’re a triple threat. It should be a quadruple threat as they’re so affordable!
  • reuse potential; unlike single-use plastic bags, Kraft paper bags can be used multiple times, which not only helps reduce plastic use, but also helps to broaden your brand’s reach.
  • versatility; paper bags can be used for so many different things! They’re perfect for a multitude of products and businesses, have unlimited printing potential and come in any size.

After reading these advantages, are there even any negative outcomes of using Kraft paper bags?

Creating your Perfect Printed Kraft Paper Bag with LeKAC

The LeKAC team has been working tirelessly to provide our clients with a smooth order process for standard bags.

We’ve compiled a list of different pricing options with some great deals! Click here to see our flyer including all of the standard sizes, colours and printing options.

If you just need some general shopping bags, or don’t need anything with specific sizing, then check out our guide and see how easy it is to place an order below!


We have developed 8 sizes that are most common across all industries. Choose from one of our popular options to fit your products. Some things to take into consideration when determining which size might be right for your business are:

  • size and material of your product (is it small & structured or bulky & flexible?)
  • product range being offered (are your products all roughly the same size or do they range from jewellery to large furniture? depending on your products, you may want to choose from a few different sizes, or go the custom-dimension route).

Our pricing structure allows for convenient minimums of 1000 paper bags, with price breaks at 3000, 5000, and 10,000 units. Contact us for more information on special pricing for larger orders.

Generally, the more you order = the more you save per unit. Not to mention free delivery for larger quantities.


Choose from 4 popular handle options:

  • twisted paper (no additional cost)
  • flat paper ($0.03)
  • rope ($0.15)
  • ribbon ($0.15)

Depending on your target market, we can advise on which handle may be best for your brand.

For example, the twisted paper handle may be best for a minimalistic or rustic brand, whereas the ribbon handle gives a more luxurious feel.


Our default option for Kraft paper bags come in the standard brown colour, however that’s not all that we have!

Choose from 5 featured colours as shown below to suit your company better at an additional cost of only $0.06 per unit. When you purchase 5,000 or more units, this feature is actually free!


You can have no print, a one colour logo print, or a full-blown design if that’s what you want!

Our printing options are as follows:

  • no print (no additional cost) – our most cost-effective option. These are bags with no additional print on it.
  • 1-colour standard print ($0.07-$0.10) – choose one colour and create a simple logo to be placed on one section of the bag, not taking up the complete surface area.
  • unlimited printing options ($0.05-$0.15) – this is where you can really let your creativity shine! choose any combination of colours to be printed on each unit, whether it’s a rainbow-inspired logo or a complicated 5-colour design that covers the entire bag.
no print option

simple, 1 colour standard print
unlimited printing option

Best of all, we have two great promotions for our printing options:

  • order 5,000 units of more and you qualify for FREE 1-colour standard printing!
  • order 10,000 units or more, you qualify for FREE unlimited printing!

Our Kraft paper bags can confidently hold up to 10lbs of weight, but you can consider adding a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the bag for more structure and security!

For only $0.03/unit, we can include a custom cut piece of cardboard that will help to reinforce the bag and support heavier items.

What if I Need a Fully Custom Paper Bag?

Do you have a very specific product that you need packaged? Is it an irregular size? Are the standard options above just not right for you?

Don’t worry, our custom packaging specialists can walk you through the complete custom experience at LeKAC. We’ll make sure that it’s as easy as the standard size order process, and help you along each step of the way.

What Next?

So you’ve placed your order and want to know wha the next steps are and when you will receive your final product.

Typically, this is our process:

  1. Confirm bag options and design, and develop a sample product with our team (roughly 2 weeks)
    • you’ll work with our specialists and in-house designer to confirm details of your order, such as quantity, size, colour, and printing options. Should you place a design on your bag, you will be able to see a 2D or 3D mockup of your product before production and, if you are interested, we can provide you with a physical sample.
  2. Start mass production (3 weeks)
    • once you give our team the go-ahead, we’ll communicate the design and other specifications with the factory to ensure that your product is created to your exact requests.
  3. Quality control on site
    • throughout the production process, our on-site team will be present to ensure each unit is created with the highest quality possible. We take extreme measures to make sure your paper bag exceeds your expectations.
  4. Delivery of packaging product for distribution (5-7 weeks)
    • we organise shipping of your packaging to your door so you don’t have to worry about any of that! Once your product is ready to be shipped, we will notify you and keep you updated until the products are safely in your possession.

To ensure there is no delay in the receipt of your packaging, we always suggest planning ahead! Sometimes the design may take longer than expected, which can push back production. In order to avoid late arrival, start the process 4 months before you anticipate needing these products!

Once you’ve placed an order with us, we can even schedule a follow-up so that there is no back order once your current supply runs out!

Our Promise

Simply put – we promise to make the process as easy as we can for you. As a one-stop shop for all your custom needs, we take pride in our efficiency and close relationships with clients. We make sure to walk you through each step and keep you updated until you have received the final product and are completely satisfied.

When you work with LeKAC, you can be sure of the following:

  • NO hidden fees
  • NO set up fees
  • all-inclusive pricing
  • NO plate charge
  • FREE local delivery over $5,000

Call us for a quotation, or stop in for an in-person consultation. We can even visit you whenever we’re in the area! Visit our contact page for more information!

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