Industry Inspiration and Catalogues

industry cover image for inspiration

Need inspiration for your industry?


Running a business in general is a time-consuming job and we want to help! There are so many details to consider, including what packaging is best for your products and target audience. Why stress about that when we can handle it for you?


We’ve put together a comprehensive list of products that we think would be applicable to you based on your industry and products! Feel free to look around and let us know if you have any questions. Right now we have catalogues for fruit picking, seafood stores, and butcher shops. We’re almost ready to launch our Fresh Flower catalogue but what would you like to see next? Sound off in our contact section so we know how to make you happy!


Don’t see your business here? It’s coming, don’t worry. We’ve got our hands in a lot of different honey pots right now, so trust us when we say your industry will be here soon enough! If you would like to contribute to our catalogues for future industries, feel free to reach out! We can always benefit from someone in the business so that we can develop new products that are right for you.

Strawberry customized white basket, fruit picking box, custom box with handles showing industry it is used for

We noticed a need in this industry and decided to help fulfil it. We created a fully recyclable and customisable basket (bye-bye to plastic handles!) that will hold and protect your precious produce!

LaMer reusable blue cooler bag showing seafood and meat industry

This is really where our cooler bags shine! If you offer perishable goods to your customers, then this is the catalogue for you. We’ve developed heavy duty cooler bags, and butcher paper to help your store stand out from the rest!


Watch this space! We’ve developed a lot of new products that will change the flower industry as we know it in Canada! We can’t wait to see what you think of our latest packaging line