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Giveaways are always a great idea, whether it’s internal or external.

Externally, they’re a great opportunity to boost engagement with your potential and existing clientele.

Simultaneously, they’re a great tool to enhance your brand.


Everyone loves to win something – a game of tic-tac-toe, a race, a tournament, you name it.

But how do you extend that feeling of euphoria for as long as possible?

Why ditch Throwaway Packaging in favour of Giveaway Packaging?

Throwaway packaging acts merely as a mode of transport for the prize someone  is about to receive.

Giveaway packaging creates an experience for the recipient, as well as a long lasting impression.

Here’s an example:

If you won hockey tickets for a Leafs game, you’d be fine receiving them in a plain generic white envelope right? The tickets are a great prize in and of itself!


However, the packaging itself wouldn’t illicit a single emotion. 

Now, compare that experience with going to pick up your tickets and receiving them in a high-end box that could be reused after the fact, and feels like a gift!


Which would you choose if you were given the option?

What are the Benefits of Giveaway Packaging?

You may think that giveaway packaging is just an unnecessary added expense but it’s actually the opposite.

By using this type of packaging, you elevate the consumer’s experience and create a bond between them and the brand.

It’s also a unique way to keep your business’ name in front of your target audience. 

Create an experience for your customer instead of just a one-time prize, and they are more likely to remember your business. 

This Yves Rocher gift box is a perfect example.

The products themselves are high end, but the experience when opening this box enables consumers to lengthen the luxurious feel.

Yves Rocher is able to add on to their brand with the shiny finish, sleek logo, and ribbon accents. 

How Can You Use Giveaway Packaging?


Ask yourself: How can I make this even more exciting for the winner?

By adding your logo and going that extra step, your potential customers will definitely remember your name.

They’ll also immediately have a positive connection to it!

Go even further and add special finishing touches to the packaging for a bit more oomf.

Our clients appreciate our expertise in the industry and guidance in developing their customised packaging. 

During our consultation session with you, we can help determine the perfect details!

For example, add on accessories like velcro, ribbon, even a design on the inside of the box or bag.

We can also advise on the finishing feel – laminated, soft matte, velvet and more.

Contact us today to get a quote, advice on products, or to get started!

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