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Gift Packaging: Present the Perfect Package

The Toronto Gift and Home Market is almost here! Wait… you don’t know what that is?

It’s only the largest trade show in Canada and is open to qualified retailers in the gift industry. It’s a chance to network, make valuable business connections and exhibit new trends. Even if you’re not attending, it got us thinking – why don’t we have a blog post about all of our gift-related products? We’ve been attending this show for years, so it only seemed right…

We’re strong believers in creating packaging that could be considered a gift on its own, whether its the primary packaging or accessories. So what can we offer your business?

Paper Bags

Our paper bags are the perfect cost-effective solution to providing quality packaging to your customers. We offer two major types of paper bags:

  1. Kraft Paper – starting at a thickness level of 120g, these bags are the go-to for all companies that want to maintain the natural look and feel of the packaging. Its bare bones appearance is enhanced with multiple printing options.
  2. White Cardboard – these bags start at a thickness of 150g and offer a more refined finish in comparison with the Kraft paper bags. We offer a default lamination (glossy or matte) and it’s the best option for full colour printing.
paper bags used for gift purposes

As with all of our products, there are options to add various finishings such as embossing, pressing foil and UV spot application. You can also choose the type of handle you want, whether it’s the standard twisted paper, luxurious grosgrain ribbon, die-cut, rope, or more.

Reusable Bags

Our PP non-woven reusable bags are another useful option in the fight against single-use plastics. These bags are capable of being used hundreds of times before they start to exhibit any wear or tear, and will become your client’s new favourite accessory.

With our reusable bags, there is no limit on printing capabilities or lamination, and there are also multiple accessory options to enhance your client’s experience. Consider adding zippers, pockets, snap closures, contrast piping, and more!


Capable of being made in various materials, you’re sure to elicit suspense and excitement from your customers! It’s very easy to add luxury with pouches, whether it’s with print, accessories or simply the material used to close the pouch.

Our pouches are sure to be a hit no matter who your target audience is. We can create pouches from natural materials to drive home your brand’s message as well!

Rigid Boxes

These are the go-to option when you want to really WOW your customers. Surprisingly, our rigid boxes are not directly printed on. By that, we mean that the box is created from greybeard, and then a separate paper with the design is glued onto the box. This adds an extra layer of protection and quality to the packaging product.

Rigid boxes are the perfect high-end complement to your actual product, and you can even add additional features and finishings to make your packaging stand out even more! Consider the enhancement of your packaging with the help of embossing, matte lamination protection, and magnetic closures.

rigid boxes used to gift perfume bottles

Another added bonus is the collapsible feature available with our rigid boxes (cut down on shipping costs without compromising quality!)

Gift Card Boxes

Similar to our previous product, we create our gift card boxes with greyboard and glue the design on afterwards. We also include a custom insert to snugly hold your gift card in place to give it its full moment when unwrapped.

Most companies will provide either just the gift card or a paper envelope and call it a day. We want to extend the recipient’s experience and add value to their gift, showing them just how important they are to the gift-giver.

gift card boxes

The best way to incorporate gift card boxes? Make them an extension of your current packaging line! Follow your existing packaging designs, using similar graphics in order to create cohesion.

Add Ons

What are some other packaging products that can contribute to gift packaging?

There are endless options of what you can include to create an exceptional customer experience. Some common elements that our existing clients enjoy using are:

  • tissue paper – whether it’s tissue paper with logos, or just fun colours in general, tissue paper helps to recreate the traditional gifting moment. Make sure that your company stands out by adding your logo on something as simple as this
  • stickers – secure your product in its packaging with the help of a sticker. Who doesn’t like them?! Stickers are a cost-effective way of elevating the unboxing experience and are always a big hit!
  • ribbons – our ribbons come in a variety of materials, colours and widths. Make them look as fun or luxurious as you want to help tell your brand’s story. Untying ribbons are an essential part of gift-opening – why shouldn’t your packaging have it?
  • thank you cards – the personal touch of a thank you card is never a mistake. Go that extra step to let your customers know how much you appreciate them with a sincere note. With unlimited printing options, it’s impossible not to include these in your packages, especially for e-commerce businesses.

How Do I Create the Ultimate Experience?

It couldn’t be simpler – combine different packaging elements!

Think of how each additional packaging product can increase a customer’s experience with your brand. What emotions do you want your customer to exhibit when they come into contact with your products and packaging?

However, there’s a fine line between perfect and overdone. That’s where we come in! Our product specialists will let you know when enough is enough. We can put together entire suites of packaging products for you and help you choose exactly what to use and which products work well together.

For example, if you’re using a pouch then you probably don’t need tissue paper, stickers and a rigid box. Let us help you create the perfect gift packaging and bring your customers joy.

Contact us for more information on products, accessories, or just bounce around ideas! And don’t forget to stop by our booth at the Toronto Gift and Home Market. We will be located at the Toronto Congress Centre in Hall #1 at Booth #1279 and can’t wait to see you!

Gabrielle Ho
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