Flower Industry: Watch Your Business Blossom

In our last article, we discussed the trends going on in the flower industry around the world. Today, we’ll go more in depth about why we wanted to change the Canadian market as we know it. As a quick recap, here is a summary of the major trends:

  • American – traditional, classic, simple
  • European – artistic, multiple materials, emotional
  • Japanese – eco-friendly, technologically-influenced, aspirational

The flower industry is built on the foundation of creativity – floral arrangements, branding, and presentation. So why not use packaging to your advantage and lend to the creativity of the overall art piece?

Does the Flower Industry need new packaging?

Very simply: yes.

There is always the argument of what is currently being used works fine – but why settle? Why remain in the dark ages and not develop new concepts for your industry? And this goes for any business, not specifically fresh cut flowers. Just because there is a tried-and-true method of packaging certain items, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for creative and inventive packaging products.

European and Asian markets are more forward-thinking than Western markets, which results in more artistic and socially-conscious packaging which will eventually reach it’s way across the globe. Don’t get me wrong, opinions are opinions and what works for one person may not work for another. But with that being said, you definitely won’t harm your business by using different packaging to your competitors. Not only that, but our products are eco-friendly (either reusable, recyclable or compostable) and shows you are socially responsible.

When it comes right down to it – any business should do all that it can to differentiate themselves from the competition and pay attention to what customers want – environmental and creative packaging.

Currently, there is an abundance of cellophane, tissue paper, wicker baskets and glass vases in the flower industry. Now are these bad? For the most part, no they’re good options! But can they be improved? That’s an entirely different story.

There are great alternatives that are cost-effective while remaining functional and attractive. Even tissue paper trends in the current market can be improved!

LeKAC Sourcing’s Newest Products

After a lot of planning, we finally narrowed everything down to 7 main products and 3 main accessories. But that’s not to say we don’t have other things, that’s just everything being shown in our catalogue. Furthermore, in order to avoid confusion, we divided the products into 4 main categories: carriers, vases, baskets and boxes.


Our carriers are perfect for people who quickly pop into a flower shop to purchase a bouquet or a just a few flowers on a whim. The products in this category make it easier for your customers to transport their flowers to their home or other final destination.


Choose from 4 different styles in various sizes depending on the amount of flowers you want to insert. There is an option to add a ribbon handle for even more comfort and ease of transport! Our cones are made from the same material as our folding cartons and include a simple one colour print.

reusable bag for flower industry
reusable bag

These bags are made from a PP non-woven material guaranteeing its durability and heavy weight. You can rest assured that these bags will deliver your flowers and other products safely to the customer and will be reused over time. There is an additional cost for the lamination of these bags.

paper bag for flower industry
Paper Bag

Always classic, our paper bags are made to withstand heavy weights and keep water levelled during transport. Our pricing includes a rope handle and simple one colour print. Upgrade from 120g Kraft paper to 210g Kraft, 210g laminated cardboard, or a different handle for a low additional cost.


Move away from the ho-hum, predictable glass vase. Instead, try the latest craze – paper vases. Our vases are made of a folding carton material and come in two styles: straight (Style A) and top-wide (Style B). These products are extra-thick at 700g and there is the option to add a ribbon handle or lamination for extra protection.


We make our baskets with a corrugated material but ultimately can choose whichever material you desire. The LeKAC team has come up with 2 styles of baskets that are display-ready, saving your customer the time and hassle of having to transfer containers to use as a decoration.

Window (Basket A)

The window basket is already a great hit in the Japanese flower markets. Its versatility and visual appeal ensure that they are the perfect gift to a loved one. The top of the basket serves as a handle and there is no compromised view of the flowers! Add lamination for extra water-resistance and full colour print to really make your flowers POP!

Handle (Basket B)

Our handle basket adds a rustic touch to any floral arrangement, playing on the natural theme of this product. The handle is designed specifically fit in your customer’s hand, but can easily be concealed within the flower display. Lamination and full colour print can also be added to this option at an extra cost.


Again, we are happy to offer two different box types in various materials. Are you seeing the everlasting rose trend around? Want to take advantage of the luxurious vision? Here’s your chance! We create our boxes with the highest quality control to ensure satisfaction and top presentation.

Folding Carton

Our folding cartons have two standard sizes that fit different amounts of long stemmed roses. We also offer a stem cover to hide everything in the box but the rose buds. These cartons are a cost effective way to bring joy to your customers and are easy to assemble, minimising staff workload.

rigid box

The absolute in high-end gifting, our rigid boxes are created with opulence in mind. Strong greybeard is the essence of these boxes, and there is an option for extra lamination to increase the value of these boxes. Choose from 4 different shapes: heart, square, round or rectangular (hint: there’s a special extra feature available for the rectangular ones!)


You didn’t think we’d stop there did you? What are packaging products if they can’t take that step further with accessories? In the flower industry, every little thing matters and that extends to packaging! Looking to add a little something? Take a look at the 3 main accessories we have to offer. Of course, this isn’t all that we have – ask us about our entire list of accessories available for this industry!

Choose from custom printed ribbons, stickers and tissue paper to drive your branding home. Your customers’ faces will bloom with recognition when they see the tiny details in your packaging!

colour customisation

You must be wondering by now – are the colours in the images the only ones available?

Definitely not! We offer 5 featured colours at no additional cost.

Choose from white, brown Kraft, ballerina pink, periwinkle and black at no additional cost. Contact us for any other colours you would like to print on and we can provide you with accurate pricing.

Ready to see our pricing? Check out our latest catalogue for all of the details. In case you need any more information, contact us directly to speak with one of our custom packaging specialists!

For a limited time, we are also offering free printed samples with your logo on it, so make sure to mention this blog post when you speak with us!

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