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How to Select the Most Cost Effective Packaging

Are you considering custom packaging for your products? Can’t decide which option is the best for your business and your wallet?

With a variety of options to choose from, selecting the best packaging for your business can be a tough decision. Trust us, we know. 

However, when you’re looking at the different options, everything gets so much more confusing because there really is no direct answer!

Fortunately, our packaging specialists have you covered! We put together the best options for your custom packaging needs while being mindful of your wallet!

As you familiarise yourself with the various options, keep these 3 influential elements in mind for your decision-making:

  1. Budget
  2. Purpose
  3. Industry


We understand budget can be the ultimate deal-breaker when it comes to making your business decisions.

To make things easier for you, we divided our products into 2 main categories: boxes and bags. Simple right? Within each section we’ve ranked each item to represent their level of cost-effectiveness, starting with the lowest. 

Custom Boxes

  1. Folding cartons 
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Rigid boxes 

Custom Bags

  1. Kraft paper bags 
  2. White cardboard paper bags
  3. Non-woven reusable bags  
  4. Cooler bags
  5. Specialty material bags (hemp, canvas, Kraft woven, etc.)

Although your budget will have a major influence on your decisions, don’t forget you still need to consider your purpose and industry before you make the final decision! 


When most people think of the purpose of packaging, they don’t give it enough attention. When it all boils down to it, packaging is a vehicle for your products to get to their final destination – but what do you want your packaging to represent?

Firstly, ask yourself if you want to give your customers something to use in that one instance or if you want to offer them something reusable.

In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to go for something reusable, which initially can be more expensive depending on quantity, size, and all the usual elements. This is especially important if you are in a business where you encourage clients to bring in their own bags and boxes! 

Secondly, consider the brand message you want to convey through your design.

For instance, if you answered a 1-time give out, we would recommend a lightweight Kraft paper bag because it is very cost-effective for single-use purposes.

Kraft paper bags are 100% biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Many paper bags have the ability to withstand more pressure and weight than plastic bags so you can still guarantee good quality for your products!

Kraft paper bags shown as a cost effective option for packaging

Moreover, you can customise the thickness of the paper ranging from 60g to 200g. Naturally, as the thickness in your bag increases, so will associated costs. However, it will represent greater quality if that’s important to your brand.

On the other hand, if you prefer to offer something more reusable to your customers, you can opt for non-woven reusable bags, which are still cost-effective.

Reusable bags are a great way to guarantee long-lasting publicity for your brand because of their durability! You can achieve your purpose of being cost-effective and clearly communicate that you are eco-friendly with your customers.


The 3rd component to keep in mind is the industry that you are operating in!

Your industry plays a major role in selecting cost-effective packaging options because every type of product has specific needs. Consider what you want to package and whether or not it is a heavy duty item.

In addition, always identify the required material necessary for your products. For example, if you’re from the fruit picking industry, we’d recommend using corrugated paper.

Our corrugated boxes are made of thick cardboard with air columns inside. These columns increase the strength of the material, making it stronger than the average cardboard. The air also acts as a cushion for the contents of the box, which would be beneficial for protecting the individual fruit in the unfortunate event of impact.

Corrugated boxes are great for the fruit picking industry because they are cost effective, biodegradable and easy to transport!

Our corrugated items are biodegradable, lightweight, sturdy, economical, and provide great protection in transport! Other industry specific examples include:

Cooler Bags –  ideal for all food industries as they are heavyweight, provide long-lasting publicity and guarantee freshness! 

Paper Cones – perfect for packaging bouquets in an eco-friendly manner. It’s time to ditch the cellophane!

Rigid Boxes – a high-end optioned to convey a high-end brand. Think of perfumes, gourmet food items, and other gifts!

Likewise, you can determine the needs of your industry, your product and narrow down your options!

Make sure to check out our catalogues if you’re looking for industry specific inspiration: Fruit Picking, Seafood + Meat, and Fresh Flowers.


To recap, if you’re a business looking for budget-friendly packaging solutions, always consider factors such as your purpose and industry. Not only will you achieve a better understanding of your needs but you’ll successfully be able to narrow down your search as well! 

LeKAC is a one stop shop for custom needs. With our expert guidance we can help you take your packaging to the next level while keeping it cost-effective! We offer several price breaks and free upgrades based on your purchasing order while providing excellent quality service! 

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