Create a Memorable Packaging Experience for your Brand ...

As the Holiday Season approaches, it is really important to consider your packaging and unboxing experience. Christmas is typically the peak selling season of the year and retailers will experience the greatest foot traffic during the months of November and December. As a result retailers also experience dramatic increases in online and in-store retail sales during this Season. As a business owner, you will want to do whatever you can to boost sales and promote your brand during the Holiday Season to further increase your sales in the year ahead.

Packaging is the most under-utilized marketing opportunity for retailers today. A branded packaging and unboxing experience is simply a custom packaging design that is creative and impactful, leaving your customer in absolute awe. Packaging that wow's a customer will keep them talking about it with their friends and have them all coming to your business for that amazing experience. 

Don't miss out this Holiday Season and all year long! Get Creative and watch your sales soar. Create a Box and a Bag that will leaving them wanting more ...

1. Create a Custom Gift Box - We are not talking about just a box that has your logo on the front of it! We are talking about the ultimate creative packaging design. Thoughtfully consider every touch point that your customer will go through when opening your box. Build a custom branded experience that promotes your brand, delivers a message on the inside and truly makes the customer feel a part of something special and exclusive. 

2. Customize your Bag - Consumers look for great packaging bags that they can simply put under the Christmas Tree or easily re-gift. Make your bag a unique representation of your brand and a memorable marketing piece. Remember, this is your walking billboard so make it count. Customers will carry it all day long as they shop - getting your brand noticed is a critical point in driving foot traffic to your retail establishment. An irresistible bag will also get re-used over and over, creating more brand awareness for your business. It is a fact that a carefully thought out packaging experience will drive loyalty from your customers, promote your brand and increase sales.

Don't miss out on establishing your brand this Holiday Season. For amazing custom design ideas and unique ways that we can help you to build your brand and increase sales contact us.