6 Tips for Redesigning Your Packaging Products

Whether you’re not happy with your current packaging, have had it for too long, or just want to create something special for an occasion, here are some tips to help in the redesigning process.

But wait! Before we can dive into the different packaging approaches, we need to answer a few questions…

  1. What product are you supplying?
    • How big is the product you are offering? What material is it made of? Is it part of a set or sold separately? How many layers of packaging does it need? Is it fragile?
    • These are the most important questions as it determines what type of packaging you’ll need to protect your items
  2. Who is the target consumer?
    • Are you approaching a specific type of customer or just the general public? Are they children or adults? Individuals from all income brackets or those with more disposable income than most?
    • Your packaging should attract your demographic. Specifying your market will go a mile in the redesigning process. It helps determine what colours and text you should use, as well as accessories.
  3. What kind of transport must your product endure?
    • Will it be readily available to purchase in a store or online?
    • You need to consider what potential products it will come into contact with on its journey to its new home. You may not need many packaging layers if you know its way to the final destination is a short one. However, if the product is being shipped internationally, you should consider a mailer box or something more structured to ensure your product’s safety.

1. Assess Issues with Current Packaging Design

So if you’re reading this article then most likely you’re unhappy with some aspect of your current packaging. In order to create better packaging, you must first identify what’s wrong with it.

You should focus on some key attributes: functionality, colour, text size, graphics, size, and strength.

Packaging has many purposes, but most importantly it must protect and correctly identify its contents. If your product is easily damaged, then you may want to address an issue with material strength when redesigning.

collection of bags and boxes done for HTW client

Likewise, if your product is getting lost among competing items in a store, you should look into revamping your graphic design. Your target market’s age is a huge factor in determining graphics – is the text large enough for older people to read? is the print attractive and colourful enough to draw the attention of children?

Some issues may easily be identified, but some may be a bit more difficult to discern. If your product’s packaging is easily torn or bent, then the material is clearly a concern. But what happens when there is nothing structurally wrong with your packaging?

Our custom packaging specialists can help you expose all the issues with your current design and work closely with you to remedy it all!

2. Identify Key Use/Purpose of Your Product and Packaging

Play your strengths to your advantage!

If you can figure out a way to blend your packaging and product to work seamlessly together then you’re guaranteed to hit a home run when redesigning your box or bag.

For example, is your product a waterproof item? Package it in a waterproof product. Drive the point of your product home and make sure your customer’s attention is grabbed!

The last thing you want is something that is totally unrelated to your product in every way. Packaging should complement your items perfectly, not distract from it.

3. Create and Revise Content

We always advise having a general idea of what information you want on your component. Is your current packaging informative enough? Or does it still leave your consumers needing more details?

If you’re confident that you have all important information, but customers still seem perplexed, you should consider rephrasing some of your content. You can always add in trendy words depending on your demographic, or make it more inclusive!

On the other end of the spectrum, you may have too much information. Sometimes, less is more and you only need the essentials depending on the packaging size.

If you happen to be at a loss for words (see what we did there), we have a content creator in house to help with your needs!

4. Research Current Packaging Trends and Market

Packaging may become obsolete based on the current packaging trends. If you’re aiming products at young adults then this is a crucial step.

Packaging trends are always changing, so if you decide to go the trendy route, you may find yourself changing packaging often. This is a tricky line that you do not want to cross as you want to stay relevant while also building your brand.

If you have a general idea or direction that you want to head in, we can do the rest. It’s our job to know which packaging will be best for your products, but we do want to remain consistent with your brand.

5. Make it Exclusive

Who doesn’t want what they can’t have?

This pertains to holiday packaging specifically. The holidays are a perfect opportunity to kick your marketing into high gear and use your packaging to tell a story.

By creating limited edition packaging, you’re providing a unique experience. Consumers get excited when they see something new, and what would encourage them to make a purchase more than knowing it’s only available for a specific time period?

Add accessories such as custom ribbons, tape or bows, so that your packaging resembles a wrapped gift. This will only encourage your customer to buy as it saves them further effort in a season of gift-giving!

Think of Coca Cola and all of their holiday products. Their packaging accentuates their products perfectly, bringing the holiday season full circle.

LeKAC logo with collage of products created with clients in the past

6. Work with LeKAC Sourcing

This is a long post. We know, don’t worry. If it all seems a bit daunting, we don’t blame you.

Redesigning your packaging is a big undertaking and we wouldn’t want you to go through it alone! At LeKAC Sourcing, we handle anything you’re unsure of, from the initial meeting to the final shipment.

We’re here for you – bottom line, period.

Contact us today if you’re considering revamping your products, you won’t regret it.

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