Most people in Ontario would tell you that fruit-picking is a must-do activity and a treasured past time.

It’s a fun activity where families can disconnect and spend quality time together in a natural environment!

As this is a year-round activity, we wondered – what kind of packaging do these nature- centric businesses give to customers to carry their produce?

Unfortunately, we were shocked with the answer.

There are various containers used at u-pick farms including (but not limited to) baskets, crates, boxes, plastic bags, and on the rare occasion, reusable bags.

Our team was most surprised by the high usage of single-use plastics – most notably tshirt bags and the plastic handles on containers.


It’s no secret that plastic is bad.

We’ve been told time and time again that single-use plastics are not ideal. But why do so many companies still use them?

It’s simple – cost. Single-use plastic bags and containers are the most cost-effective packaging that can be supplied by a company.

It’s a way to save money – we get it. Even though we understand the need to use cost-cutting techniques in business, what price does it truly come at?

Plastic bags take years to break down and the majority aren’t even biodegradable. And the ones that are require very high temperatures (not found in a natural environment) to break down!

Additives that are in these ‘biodegradable’ plastics can actually make it more difficult to recycle, potentially harming the environment.

In the long run, using plastic bags in this industry may actually be more costly – economically and environmentally.

Overall, single-use plastics in industries where there are high volumes is very short sighted and not environmentally friendly.


You may be wondering what kind of packaging products we can use if we want to help eliminate this plastic usage?

There are various options available:

1. kraft paper bags – these bags can be used multiple times and repurposed, but are also 100% recyclable.

kraft paper bags, packaging bags, customized bags

2. reusable bags – this would be the ideal option as there are many different versions of these bags (non-woven, hemp, bamboo, canvas, etc.). These bags can be used time and time again and, if supplied by us, can be fully recycled once the consumer is done using it. This reduces the amount of plastic in our environment as the years progress.

3. corrugated baskets – in order to decrease plastic’s presence, we have created a basket from just one piece of recyclable material that’s easy to assemble and environmentally conscious. Once these baskets are used, they can be fully recycled. The elimination of the plastic handle allows for more space for your custom design!

4. waxed boxes – wax produce boxes are ideal for bulky, heavier items. Apples, and peaches are just some examples that can be found at u-pick farms. The wax coating on these boxes allow for multiple uses! 


It’s as simple as starting a conversation!

Consumers, the next time you notice single-use plastics, let farm operators know that they should invest in a more reusable and environmentally friendly option!

Farmers, consider the investment. It’s a great way to advertise your business and also provides the customer with a token to remember their experience at your farm!

LeKAC Sourcing Limited can help you create a sustainable customised option for all your fruit-picking needs.

Drawstring closures, transparent sides to show off your produce and more customizable options await!

We know that it can be difficult to find the right supplier for custom products and we’re here to quell any concerns!

Our process is almost too straightforward. We can even help you in terms of design and offer expert advice!

Contact us today for our full catalogue specifically for this industry and get a free quotation! 

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